July 10

Two Upcoming Milestones Signal a Potential Bullish Run for Ethereum (ETH)


Coin Bureau host Guy Turner believes that Ethereum (ETH) prices may see a bullish run, which could possibly be triggered by two catalysts. In the video, Turner tell Coin Bureau’s 2.28m subscribers regarding 2 upcoming milestones that could trigger Ethereum price to rise.

First Catalyst :

Turner mention one of the first catalyst to be the proto – danksharding upgrade.

“The biggest upcoming milestone for Ethereum is the EIP-4844 upgrade which is colloquially referred to as proto-danksharding. The reason why proto-dank sharding is a big deal is because it will basically allow Ethereum to reach a level of scalability that’s comparable with centralized computer systems. This will be achieved by addressing Ethereum’s main bottleneck to scalability which is data availability…”

Proto danksharding was first proposed as an EIP in February 2023, and it is expected to be implemented sometime in the second half of 2023.

Second Catalyst :

Turner mention the second catalyst that can push ETH price could be an advancement in the privacy system.

“Besides proto-danksharding, Ethereum developers have apparently been hyper-focused on privacy.” said Turner.

In January, Vitalik penned a blog post where he referred to privacy as ‘one of the largest remaining challenges’ in the Ethereum ecosystem and proposed stealth addresses as one solution.

Just last month, Vitalik penned another blog post where he noted privacy as being one of the ‘three transitions that Ethereum must implement or else it will fail.’

The sudden focus on privacy is not all that surprising when you realize that institutional investors want privacy more than anyone else. And remember that the Shappella upgrade has increased institutional interest in ETH.


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