July 9

NFT Inspect Partners with MoonPay to Streamline NFT Purchases on Twitter


NFT Inspect, is a popular tool used for analyzing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Inspect is making a comeback with an exciting partnership with MonnPay, a Web3 infrastructure company, that enables Twitter users to purchase NFTs and cryptocurrencies directly through NFT Inspect’s Chrome browser extension.

NFT Inspect

History :

In January, Inspect faced a uncertain future when it announced its shutdown. They found new ownership in March and has since been actively enhancing its tools to assist NFT traders in monitoring market trends. It recently partnered with Polygon Labs to drive adoption.

MoonPay has also expanded its partnerships in recent months. In June 2022, it joined with Mastercard, allowing users to directly purchase NFT’s across various marketplaces like Magic Eden and LooksRare without needing to purchase cryptocurrency.

Last month, Inspect launched a new Chrome browser extension called Twitter NFT Search. This extension helps user to understand NFT landscape by providing real time data on popular NFT collections and analyze blockchain data about the collection that are frequently used as Twitter profile pictures. Inspect has also launched a Twitter NFT Search tool, which is available as a web version in beta.

According to a press release, the partnership between NFT Inspect and MoonPay was announced. This collaboration will empower Inspect users to purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies using MoonPay’s robust payment system. MoonPay supports various payment methods, including debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local bank transfer options.

The CEO and co-founder of MoonPay, Ivan Soto-Wright said “This collaboration reinforces our shared vision of fostering widespread crypto adoption and creating a borderless digital payments ecosystem, where everyone can participate, regardless of experience level.”


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